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Design Thinking is a powerful thinking tool which could drive a brand, business or an individual forward positively. Thinking like a designer can transform the way organizations develop products and services on the front end, while improving processes and strategy to the backend. It is a way of simply thinking and ideating on a solution to address a problem or better meet a customer need. 

In this book you will:

• Understand key characteristics of Design Thinking
• Understand the 5 action phases of Design Thinking –
Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test

Empathize- Understand your customers / users
Define- Define clear project / business objectives
Ideate- Explore ideas and solutions
Prototype- Build and visualise ideas
Test- Review and decide best idea
This Wildly Successful Design Thinking Book 
Will Deliver 5 Step Action Plan With...
No Academic Bullshit, 
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Just smart and simple diagrams that you started with your Design Thinking Journey!
Practical Tools and 
Up to 20 over templates and tools to choose from throughout the entire 5 Step Design Thinking Action Plan. 
Key Secret Mindsets That Could Transform Organizations!
5 secret Design Thinking mindsets revealed that sets you apart from knowing Design Thinking to understanding!
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Founder of UX Consulting and UX Singapore
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GM of Schneider Electric and Design Thinker
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"I applied the Design Thinking principles I learnt from Daniel back at work, in structuring a new innovation superhighway framework to facilitate innovative ideas from conception to fruition. Design Thinking helped the team empathise better with the struggles faced by our users and identified the right tools and resources that would meet users' needs. This put us in a better shape to foster innovation."
Innovation Lead - Ministry of Home Affairs
" ... Well-designed book with interesting pictures and diagrams in a very systematic format. "
"I like this book as it is already a well-designed book with interesting pictures and diagrams in a very systematic format. It provides innovative yet practical approach in design thinking which enhances and facilitate business processes and problem-solving. I am sure it will be very useful for young design professionals and enthusiasts." 
University Graduate and Amazon Reader 
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"Daniel shares his wonderful experience and knowledge to improve the quality of Experience Design in Asia."
Associate Professor and Co-Director of Keio-NUS CUTE Centre 
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15 years ago I was forced to leave my designer job.. because i wasn’t problem-solving for my boss and back then I didn’t know of an ultimate formula to crush his problems..

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this skillset literally transformed my career.. 

I joined a bank and bankers from every department were queuing to ask me to CRUSH their problems..

I was so fascinated and went on to start my training company to teach people how to crush their problems..

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that made organisations pay me half a million to consult and train..

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You see- people sell you get-rich-quick schemes, property and e-commerce seminars- to get your out of your full-time jobs.. I'm not here to promise you the world and ask you out of your full-time jobs- you have family to feed. My job is to get you to thrive and be successful in your full-time jobs as a complete professional.. 

In the Digital Transformation age, the 3 most important skills you need (according to Forbes):
💡 Critical Thinking (Define and Solve Problems)
💭 Creativity (Think Outside the Box)
👫 Collaboration (Working with Others)

Trust me, I have already worked with hundreds of participants and just completed my #43 batch. Here's what they say: 
✅ Advancement in Career (Move to Better Places)
✅ Promotion and Salary Increment
✅ Career Satisfaction (Leading Others with Design Thinking)
✅ Thought Leadership (Empower Others with Design Thinking)

Here's what you'll discover:
Secret #1 - How to Fully HANDS-ON and END-TO-END PROBLEM SOLVE with CRITICAL THINKING in a 5-Step Action Plan 
Secret #2 - How to BE A PRO in THINKING OUT OF THE BOX and BE CREATIVE (Even if You are Neither Creative nor Innovative)
Secret #3 - How to COLLABORATE DIGITALLY and get PEOPLE ON YOUR SIDE with Design Thinking techniques
Actually you might have some rejections.. Like Design Thinking is too tough and complex..
Well driving was pretty tough and complex when you first learned it- but hows that going for you? It really depends how you treat problem-solving as a priority and get those problems crushed whether it's your career, business and relationships. Besides, the book have very simple step by step explanation with very little jargons. 
Or like Design Thinking is irrelevant for me..
I have been in the industry long enough to know how important Design Thinking is to everyone. In fact, Forbes have mentioned that problem-solving, together with creativity and collaboration, are among the top skills to GET EQUIPPED in the 21st century! My government has already told its citizens to get equipped with Design Thinking ASAP! Irrelevant... you decide..
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I'm kinda a show off... I'm not going to lie. I'm sick of academics throwing out theories and frameworks that are dull and not practical at all. I think 99% of what is found online about Design Thinking is nice but you will never be able to comprehend without practical knowledge... so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the TRUTH,  and well... honestly, I just want you to think I'm cool. :)
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meet the master behind the book
Daniel Ling
My name is Daniel Ling. 

I was a rookie designer.

Left my first job, and started my first company.

Hard knocks- left $3.16 in bank.

Applied for OCBC and was one of the first experience designers in the financial industry.

Fell in love with Design Thinking.

Crush problems for the bank. 

Started to teach others to crush problems.

Built my own training company.

Wrote my book.

Train 1000s more people to crush problems. 

Government, MNCs and schools got so excited. 

I wanted more. 

Delivered this ultimate formula to the public.

Built an Authorised Training Organisation (ATO) in SG. 

Got funded with government. 

Got official certification.

I can't tell you everything.. if you want to know why I love Design Thinking so much- read this FREE BOOK. Chapter list below: 

Chapter 1: What’s Design Thinking

Why Do We Need Design Thinking?
What Makes Design Thinking Unique?
DT Action Plan and 5 Mindsets
7 Personality Types

Chapter 2: Design Action Plan

5 Characteristics of Action Plan
Empathise Phase
 - User Interview Template
 - Persona Template
 - Empathy Map Template
Define Phase
 - Design Brief Template
 - Stakeholder Map Template
 - Customer Journey Template
 - Context Map Template
 - Opportunity Map Template
Ideate Phase
 - Prioritisation Map Template
 - Affinity Map Template
 - Idea Evaluation Template
Prototype Phase
 - Physical Prototypes Example
 - Wireframes Example
 - Storyboard Template
Test Phase
 - User Test Template
 - Prototype Evaluation Template

Chapter 3: 5 Thinking Mindsets

Summary of 5 Mindsets
Anatomy of a Design Thinker
Mindset 1: Think Users First
Mindset 2: Ask the Right Questions
Mindset 3; Believe You can Draw
Mindset 4: Commit to Ideate
Mindset 5: Prototype to Test

Chapter 4; Think Users First 

What are Your Users Inherent Needs?
Structure of Empathise
 - Prepare
 - Engage
 - Analyse
What is Empathy Map?
What is Job-to-be-done (JTBD)?
What is Persona?
Power of Storytelling 

Chapter 5: Ask The Right Questions

Why Ask the Right Questions?
5 Question Types
Who Should You Ask Questions?
Dealing with Boss and Stakeholders
 - Design Brief
 - Stakeholder Map
 - Customer Journey
 - Context Map
 - Opportunity Map

Chapter 6: Believe You Can Draw

What is the Value of Drawing?
Why Should We Communicate by Drawing?
How to Start Drawing?
 - Visual Library
 - Communicate Journey
 - Frame Problems
 - Deliver Ideas
How to Start Facilitation by Drawing?

Chapter 7: Commit To Ideate

Why do You Need to Ideate?
What are the Rules of Ideation?
How to build a Creative Culture?
How to Facilitate an Ideation Session?
Divergent- Common Ideation Techniques
 - Brainstorming (Brain Dump)
 - Brainwriting
 - Creative Matrix
 - What if?
Convergent- 3 Simple Ways to Converge
 - Affinity Map
  - Prioritisation Map
 - Idea Evaluation

Chapter 8: Prototype To Test

What You could Use as a Prototype?
Why do We need a Prototype?
Why do We Test?
Overall Test Process
 - Prepare (the Test)
 - Conduct (the Test)
 - Analyse (the Result)
What to Do After Testing?

Hurry This Offer Will Not Last Long! 
This is your CHANCE on the secrets of Design Thinking to solve problems like a pro and impress your boss! 
What's Inside This Book ...
This book will help you: 
Clarify and solve problems better
Understand your users
Communicate in visuals confidently
Innovate ideas and inspire others
Experiment quickly and at little cost

This book is useful for:
Non-design and design professionals who are involved in innovation, change management, trend-making, problem-solving and quality improvement industry
Business and startup owners interested in providing good products and services for their customers
Freelance designers and design students who want to make a difference in the marketplace
Design trainers interested in delivering design thinking workshops 
Innovation, creativity and design enthusiasts

Chapters list:
1. What's Design Thinking?
2. Design Action Plan
3. 5 Thinking Mindsets
4. Think Users First
5. Ask The Right Questions
6. Believe You Can Draw
7. Commit to Ideate
8. Prototype to Test
Sample Pages
Clear diagrams and simple explanations of difficult jargons
Quotes from inspirational leaders and delightful images 
Tools and templates that assist you in Design Thinking activities
Sketches and illustrations that emphasise important messages
emerge creatives group llp - complete design thinking guideBOOK for successful professionals by daniel ling 
- Copyright @ 2019 - all rights reserved